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TEDs Controversy – 3 Threatening Talks They Tried to Censor

TED is a non-profit group of conferences that allow experts in various fields to hold 20-minute talks about new ideas and concepts, which are in line with their motto “Ideas Worth Sharing”.

However, recent years have seen a big change in how TED chooses the information they reveal to the public. In fact, many believe that TED is more focused on saving its own brand and protect the established principles of science, rather than challenge it with new discoveries. Others believe that the organizations that are using science for their own advantage are also imposing their influence on TED, gaining control over the kind of concepts that are allowed to be featured in the event.

One particular discussion that TED censored is “Rich people Don’t Create Jobs” which was given by Nick Hanauer. TED initially wanted to cancel the event claiming the topic was “too political” only to air the video online after a petition was signed by TED followers, demanding to access the video.

Another talk that was initially censored by TED is “The Science of Delusion” which was given by Rupert Sheldrake. Sheldrake questioned the existing scientific doctrines giving his listeners the opportunity to consider new ones. However, TED felt that his talk was not a part of what they considered as “reasonable” science.

The third talk banned by TED is “The War of Consciousness” held by Graham Hancock. During his talk, he shared how he was able to put an end to his 24-year addiction to Cannabis by turning to another ecodelic drug called Ayahuasca. He claimed that this choice improved the way his mind thought.

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