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Sun Has ‘Flipped Upside Down’ As New Magnetic Cycle Begins

According to NASA, the north and south poles of the sun have reversed and are positioned at the midpoint of Solar Cycle 24. This means that the magnetic fields, known as the heliosphere, have commenced their movement in opposite directions. This process takes 22 long years to complete and will end when both poles begin switching position again.

In this short video, viewers will get to see how the polarities of the sun are situated in 1997 during Solar Cycle 23. The positive pole is represented by the green lines on the top while the negative pole is represented by purple lines on the bottom. Both poles slowly move toward the opposite side and ends in 2002 when the cycle of the sun is completed.

NASA adds that the reversal of the magnetic fields of the sun is a momentous occasion in history. This change has a huge effect on the probes of the Voyager despite being billions of kilometers away. NASA adds that the sun go through various activities such as sunspots and solar flares while it is at the height of the magnetic reversal. Additionally, the high-energy particles such as cosmic rays are accelerated to almost the same velocity as light-speed by supernova explosions.

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