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Scientists Reveal The Secrets of Human Aura & Intentions

Recently, several studies are being performed all over the world to prove that the human aura and intentions have an effect in man’s environment. And Russian scientist Dr. Konstantin Korotkov of St. Petersburg State Technical University aims to prove just that. His research is based on the concept of the human energy field and how it can change reality.

According to his research, the thoughts of a person can determine how positive or negative his environment will be.

This principle is similar to the law of attraction where a person’s thoughts, actions, and beliefs dictate the things and events he experiences. The research of Dr. Korotkov is based on the principle that human consciousness can affect the physical world directly. This idea seems far-fetched to most, as there are still no means to measure human energy, however, a technique called bioelectrophotography could lead Dr. Korotkov to the answer to his research.

This method aims to capture the energy that is constantly emitted by the human mind and body and this is shown by bioelectrophotography as a light that is surrounding the human body. Most people refer to this as a person’s aura.

If these studies can come up with conclusive evidence that consciousness can change reality, this could have a huge impact in a person’s ability. This groundbreaking theory, if proven correct, may open doors to maximize each person’s untapped potentials.

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