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Scientists Prove The Possibility To Levitate & Move Objects Using Sound

For decades, scientists have been trying to make levitations in a three-dimensional space possible. Levitation through magnets is already used in Maglev trains and Bullet trains. Such innovation has removed the friction between the tracks and the train. However, while levitation through magnets required repelling the magnetic force, a new discovery allowed levitation through sound.

A group of Japanese scientists has successfully moved a three-dimensional space object in complex system of acoustic levitation. This experiment breaks the idea related to moving objects in two-dimension space.

The scientists at the at the University of Tokyo and the Nagoya Institute of Technology have moved an expanded polystyrene particle which measures approximately of 0.6 mm and 2 mm in diameter and placed it inside a series of speakers.

In this demo video, viewers can witness the cutting edge technology behind levitation through sound waves, and the results is unexpectedly artistic. During the demo, the scientists also levitate match heads, screws and nuts, etc. The scientists who made this incredible discovery hopes that the technology can be refined in order to be used on a grand scale.

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