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Neurosurgeon Speaks Out On How Vaccines Harm Child Brain Development

“How Vaccines Harm Child Brain Development” is gripping documentary that features the risks of vaccination. The film lasts for about an hour and a half and is presented by Dr. Russell Blaylock who is one of the most respected experts who propagate the negative effects of vaccination. In this video, Dr. Blaylock provides solid pieces of evidence related to the dangers of vaccinating pregnant women. Vaccination is believed to cause numerous neurological disorders particularly in unborn children.

The video reveals how certain vaccines contain toxic ingredients such as aluminum, mercury, MSG, and formaldehyde and how these compounds can affect the nervous system and the development of the brain. Information about other vaccine-related topics is also discussed like the toxicity of mercury, blatant exertion of influence the pharmaceutical industry has on the government, and more.

How Vaccines Harm Child Brain Development raises interesting questions about the safety of child vaccination as children with psychological disorders are higher to vaccinated Mennonite compared to Amish children who never received any vaccination. Other ailments like type 1 diabetes, asthma, and allergies are also more likely to affect vaccinated children.

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