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NASA Discovers Hidden Portals In Earth’s Magnetic Field

Despite numerous scientific discoveries and breakthrough, our planet still continues to surprise scientists even today. From wormholes to star gates and hidden portals, our planet as well as the space beyond is always the subject of debates from scientists across the world.

Wormhole is referred to as a hypothetical feature of spacetime that is a shortcut through space time. This could be key to cutting the travel time shorter on space travel. However, scientist have yet to uncover the facts regarding wormholes and thus, exploring the possibilities are always simply a theory.

One of the most exciting discoveries recently is a series of hidden portals in Earth’s magnetic field. The discovery was made by NASA and called them X-points or field of the Sun. The portals creates an uninterrupted path that leads from our planet to the sun’s atmosphere which is about 93 million miles away.

Using its THEMIS spacecraft and the European Cluster Probe, NASA was able to observe the phenomenon closely and discover dozens of portals that closes and opens at different times of the day. The portals are tens of thousands of kilometers from our planet and they vary in size.

Through NASA-funded studies and observation, University of Iowa astronomers reveal that the portals are instrumental in the transfer of tons of magnetically charged particles that flow from the sun, causing the northern and southern lights and geomagnetic storms. They also aid in the transfer of the magnetic field from the Sun to the Earth. In order to study the portals more, NASA will set out a new mission called the Magnetospheric Multi scale Mission (MMS) sometime in 2014.

Magnetic portals are invisible, unstable and elusive. they open and close without warning and there are no signposts to guide is in – Dr Scudder, University of Iowa.

NASA scientists believe that the portals could one day benefit humanity but intensive studies and observations are needed to explore the possibilities.

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