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Lucid Dreaming Mask – Increases Dream State Awareness

Lucid dreaming is a point in which a person dreaming is aware or have faint recognition that he is dreaming. Research shows that when a person enters a point of lucid dreaming, he or she can actually control the dream.

Experts believe that lucid dreaming can be beneficial both to the mind and body as well as unlock secrets of how the brain works. The phenomenon can be used to hold a discussion with one’s self.

This is why several technologies are being introduced to harness better control of lucid dreaming. One such product is the Remee sleep mask that allows the used to control his dreams. This mask contains six red LED lights that are equally distributed for both eyes. These blinking lights are able to permeate the eyelids, drawing the user to achieve lucid dreams. The lights are designed to commence their blinking only after 4 or 5 hours when sleep of a person is said to be at a deeper REM state.

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