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Fascinating Crop Circle Appears In California On New Years Eve

Farmers in a California crop field were left baffled after waking up to see an unexplained crop circle last Monday. The incident, which caught the attention of millions of people worldwide, sparked a lot of debate as to whether or not the crop circle was man-made or was left as a message from intelligent beings that are not of this world. While some UFO enthusiasts marvel at the intricacy of the design and the message the mysterious beings who made it wanted to convey, certain lobbyists are dismissing the incident as nothing short of a hoax.

Crop circles are inexplicable designs created typically on corn or wheat fields. The crop circles vary in size and designs, some are simple circles intertwined together while others are incredibly accurate, ornate and massive in size. What adds to the mystery of the crop circles is that they seemingly appear to have been made overnight. Design-wise, the circles tend to be perfectly asymmetrical, detailed and complex, elements in design that make it virtually impossible to perfect in pitch darkness and with such speed.

Additionally, some people who have seen crop circles report of paranormal activities within the area including flashes of lights, buzzing sound, etc. New crop circles are being spotted in various parts of the world and no one is sure why. The designs are often baffling, some are so complex and so perfectly asymmetrical that it is quite unbelievable that such creation was done in the dead of the night.

Another baffling thing about crop circles is that the crops that were laid down to create the designs are often electro statically charged and some are littered with unexplained magnetic particles. Finally, some crop circles are often seen with military helicopters within the area, it’s an interesting tidbit considering how secretive the government is as far as intelligent life existing right here on our planet.

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