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Expert Claims Humans DO NOT Come From Earth

There have been many theories of the origin of man. And now, a new and more controversial theory is being presented by ecologist Dr. Ellis Silver. In his book entitled “Humans are Not From Earth: A Scientific Evaluation of the Evidence”, Dr. Ellis claims that humans did not originate from Earth but were actually brought to the planet by aliens thousands of years ago.

Various pieces of evidence based on the physiological features of man are used by Dr. Ellis to prove his theory. One proof is how humans often suffer from back pains. According to him, this is because humans evolved in a planet with lower gravity.

Another proof of how man is not suited to live on Earth is how we are easily sunburned unlike a lizard that may be exposed to sunlight for a long period.

Another telling factor is how humans are the only species on the planet that have difficulty in giving birth causing fatalities in mothers and babies. We also have a strong dislike for natural disasters such as floods and volcanic eruptions even though these events are part of nature. Moreover, there are several types of chronic diseases that man is inflicted and has no cure for.

Dr. Ellis suggests that Neanderthals may have been crossbred with another species from the Alpha Centauri (the closest star system to our solar system) resulting in the modern man. This is probably why most people of today still feel they are strangers living in this planet. He suggests that Earth may have been used as a prison planet that was meant to hold us for being unruly until we learn to change our ways.

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