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Everything You Know Is Wrong (2000)

“Everything You Know is Wrong” is a full-length documentary film centered around the lecture of researcher and author Lloyd Pye. The film features Pye’s principle of “Intervention Theory”, which suggests of an alternate story of the human evolution.

The film contains an a host of scientific facts gathered over the course of several years of research, all related to the origin of man and enslavement as a species. Viewers will get to see details of the oldest know recorded facts about the world up as well as the most recent findings in the field of modern genetics.

The Intervention Theory aims to answer the question posed by established theories including like the human evolutions, Intelligent Design, and Creationism. Pye’s lectures present new ideas that question the validity of the things we believed as facts. This includes things like how life began the possibility that Miocene Apes are existing in our modern world, and the inaccurate map of the Earth that is being used today.

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