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Earthlings (2005)

“Earthlings” is a feature-length documentary film in 2005 that focuses how humans depend on animal for literally everything. Animals are not only used for food or clothing, they are also used for entertainment, as pets, and even for scientific research. This film aims to spread awareness about widespread animal abuse and utter disregard for their own safety.

Earthlings features grim footages of animals’ living conditions in shelters, farms, pet stores and some medical institutions.

The film is directed by vegans Shaun Monson, produced by actress, Maggie Q, and presented by Academy Award nominee Joaquin Phoenix. I Earthlings also features music made by critically acclaimed platinum artist Moby. By making the film, the production hopes to reveal the plight of hapless animals that’s been severely mistreated or wiped out by mankind for money, entertainment, food and medication.

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