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Chinese Man Builds His Own Bionic Arms

Rather than spend a small fortune on prosthetic, a Chinese farmer built his own bionic arm. Sun Jifa lost his arm on a fishing accident. He couldn’t afford to have his injury treated in a high end hospital much more purchase a prosthetic hand.

Sun Jifa never gave up and in the bid to achieve a sense of normalcy after his accident, he went on to craft his bionic arm using scrap metals and operated mechanically which Jifa assembled himself. While the bionic arm looks rudimentary compared to machine-made bionic limbs, Jifa’s self-assembled bionic arm is fully functional and powered by the natural movement of his elbow into the finger. The hand is able to open and close, allowing Jifa to continue with his work without much effort.

Jifa not only made his own bionic arm, he is also helping those who cannot afford professionally made bionic limbs. To date, Jifa has created over 1000 bionic arms, selling each for under $500, a far cry from the market cost of professionally made bionic arms. Through sheer will and ingenuity, Jifa not only helped rebuild the lives of those whose situation were similar like him, he also gives hope to people in need.

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