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Cannabis Reduces the Stutter and Calms the Nerves of a Woman with Cerebral Palsy

Is medical cannabis a potent drug that can treat a wide range of illnesses? A Kansas woman who moved to California in order to continue her cannabis treatment for severe cerebral palsy believes marijuana is helping her cope with her condition and swears by its efficacy.

Jacqueline Patterson is afflicted with cerebral palsy, a condition that encompasses a group of motor conditions that cause physical disability in human development, particularly areas of body movement. The abnormal development disrupts the nerve signals between the brain and the muscle, leading to abnormal posture, movement and coordination as a child.

After Jacqueline was busted in Kansas for cannabis possession, she moved to California where medical marijuana is legal. She has since become an activist, fighting to help others get better using alternative medicines like marijuana. Today, Jacqueline Patterson created the first Missouri Patient Protection Day as a way to spread awareness about the health benefits of marijuana, how the herb can transform a disabled person into someone who can function normally and take care of herself.

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