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Binaural Beats: A Digital Auditory Drug for Mind Enhancement & Optimization

Physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove first introduced binaural beats in 1939. This method aims to improve the meditation techniques of an individual. The technique is based on the belief that when signals having two different frequencies are presented separately, one to each ear, the brain identifies the varying phases between frequencies and finds the connection between them. This connection of the two frequencies becomes a third signal and this is called the binaural beat.

According to the studies of Dove, the brain learns to resonate together with the binaural beat allowing the brain to easily reach a desired state of mind. Although the method of using music to attain a certain mood is nothing new, there are still no conclusive evidence that can prove this principle. However, people who are already using it have given their testimonials of the wonderful prowess of binaural beats to their mind and body.

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