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The Calling

The Calling is a powerful film created by Max Igan, about various conspiracy theories on global concerns affecting our future, education, media, government and planet. These theories can be proven yet cleverly silenced and manipulated by the authorities that those who choose to believe them are ridiculed.

Max is a researcher, truth seeker, radio host, filmmaker and one of the leaders of global awakening movement.

The film is  a summary of  “Fight the NWO With Global Non Compliance”,  “NWO The Final Solution.” and “The Big Picture”. He was approached to condense these 3 films into an hour long production that would be suitable for television and therefore appeal to a wider audience.

This is Part 1 of 8 yet the whole film aims to divulge the secrets and truth of the current world situation to open our eyes. To question things that are documented yet downplayed by the government and other authorities to keep the human family in the dark.

Some of the highlights of this film are as follows:

  • The elite bloodline of presidency in the United States related to monarchy as far back as Egypt, which determines who sits in the world’s highest office.
  • How a privately run enterprise controls the whole financial system as we know it is designed for profit by wealthy international banking dynasties. How what we know as the global monetary system is a big scam.
  • The Illuminati order
  • Why war is profitable and how banks finance wars
  • Operation Paperclip
  • the history of the “War on Terror,”
  • False flag operations
  • The resulting state of endless war and war profiteering
  • Control of the media


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