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Stoned in Suburbia

This quirky, funny and light-hearted documentary directed by Christopher Martin features the different tales and experiences of a handful of cannabis users in the U.K. Different kinds of people from different walks of life, varying in age and gender, have made a confession to at least having tried the herb.

In Britain, the number of people that are smoking cannabis have reached up to 10 million. And every month this figure would increase by an additional 2 million. Stoned in Suburbia follows the different social connotations and influence of cannabis for the past 50 years. We get to see the constantly evolving times and the difference in clientele for these past years.

This film goes through the different eras where cannabis began making its prominence; from the 60s sexual revolution and the beginning of the Hippie movement, to the dawn of the Punk era up to the present day.

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