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Prom Night in Mississippi

This documentary film, Prom Night in Mississippi, was written and directed by Paul Saltzman. It features Charleston High School’s senior class of 2008 and the preparations for their upcoming prom. Now you may wonder what’s so special about their prom that it needs a documentary. Actually, this will be Charleston’s first ever racially integrated prom.

The Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman, a resident of Charleston himself, funded this entire prom with the condition that the school board would make it racially integrated. He first made this exact same offer during 1997 but was answered with a resounding no from the board. But this time, they took up his offer and, voila, Prom Night in Mississippi.

We get to follow and witness firsthand the struggles that the residents are having with the idea of changing old traditions. We’d be very much surprised to witness the amount of racism that still exists to this day. This film would be a refreshing and eye-opening experience for everyone.

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