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Once Brothers

Two of the first foreign NBA to gain stardom were Drazen Petrovic and Vlade Divac. They were more than just teammates, they were really good friends. Together, they helped the Yugoslavian National team to reach the highest level of success that they have attained so far.

But on December 25th of 1991, the Soviet Union fell leading to the split of Yugoslavia. This, in turn, caused a war between Croatia (Drazen Petrovic’s home country) and Serbia (Vlade Divac’s home country). Two men who treated each other as brothers were caught in the middle of a civil war. Because of these unfortunate events, a strain came upon their relationship. And although they still continued to see each other because of basketball, they weren’t speaking to each other. One unfortunate event led to another when on June of 1993, Petrovic was killed in an auto accident.

Once Brothers shows the story of these two men and how their relationship was changed because of a war that they did not start.

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