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Lo-Down In London

The Lo-Lifes were a gang formed in Brooklyn in 1988 who were famous for only wearing the brand Ralph Lauren. They were known to go to stores like Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s and they would completely clear the racks of everything with the Ralph Lauren tag. Their name Lo-Lifes was derived from the second syllable of Polo from the Polo Ralph Lauren line. Not only did they dress themselves from head to toe with this designer brand, but they also had much respects for the brand’s designer.

Lo-Down In London is a documentary film which shows the influence of the Lo-Lifes in London. The UK has their very own London Ralph Lauren Chapter (LRLC) that was officially formed in 2010 wherein the members attempt to continue the legacy of the Lo-Lifes. From dressing and obsessing about the brand to organizing their ‘Polo Photo Shoot’, this film will be a fun and entertaining ride.

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