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Help Me To Speak

This documentary film focuses on the different struggles that are encountered by stuttering children in their attempt to learn how to speak properly. Stuttering is not the rarest of conditions. It happens to at least four out of ten people all over the world.

Stuttering usually begins during childhood. For some people, they are able to outgrow this and talk normally when they reach adulthood. But there some people who bring their stutter to adulthood. What exactly is this condition anyway? According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, stuttering is a disorder characterized by the different disruptions, also called disfluencies, to the production of speech sound. A stutter isn’t the same for everyone. Some people repeat a syllable of the word, others repeat the word itself and there are those whose words are preceded by “uh” and “um”.

This may appear relatively harmless in contrast to other life-threatening diseases. But stuttering may greatly sever a person’s ability to communicate effectively. This may be of great consequence to those individuals who continue to stutter as adults.

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