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Every F*cking Day of My Life

Originally entitled One Minute to Nine, Every F*cking Day of My Life is a documentary film directed by Tommy Davis. This film follows the story of Wendy Maldonado, a victim of almost 20 years of domestic violent abuse from her husband Aaron Maldonado. Aaron not only violently abused his wife, Wendy, but their four sons as well.

May of 2005, Aaron was killed by Wendy and one of her sons, Randy. They were both arrested that year and in 2006 were able to plea for a reduced charge of manslaughter granting Wendy a sentence of 120 months imprisonment and Randy 75 months. During the time when they were waiting for the sentencing, Randy was detained in jail. Wendy was given the chance to go home on bail so that she could take care of her three other children.

This film, Every F*cking Day of My Life shows us Wendy as she spends her last few days before she starts serving her sentence. With exclusive interviews and insider extras, we get to access the full scoop of this story.

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