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Dogfighting Undercover

Dog fighting is an underground blood sport that has caused a lot of controversy and criticism for the past few years. What generally happens is that there are two game dogs that are put in a ring or a pit to fight with each other. A winner is declared when the opponent would die, fails to scratch, or jumps out of the pit. If the loser dog doesn’t die in the fight, it is typically put down by its owner by shooting, torture or beatings.

BBC had a special undercover project that planned to expose the underground dog fighting world in the U.K. They sent Steve, one of their undercover reporters, to attempt to infiltrate The Farmers’ Boys, considered as one of the largest dog fighting gangs in Europe. After the intensive research and preparation that was made. Steve along with some of his crew, went to a pit bull training camp in Helsinki where they made contacts with a kennel owner, Paul Dunkel.

This documentary film takes us into an eye-opening journey exposing the underground world of dog fighting.

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