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Dancing with the Devil

Jon Blair is a director and producer concentrating mostly on documentaries. He is the only documentary director working in the United Kingdom that has won the holy trinity of awards: an Emmy (in Jon Blair’s case, he won two), an Oscar and a British Academy Award.

Among his list of notable and critically-acclaimed documentaries is Dancing with the Devil. This feature length documentary film focuses on Rio de Janeiro’s favelas. It looks into the real-life horrors that occur within the dark back-alleys of the city’s slums through the eyes of three men. We have Inspector Leonardo Torres who is part of an operative from Rio’s drug squad. There’s Spiderman, a 28 year-old drug lord who does his routine patrol around the streets of Coreia. Then finally we have Pastor Dione, a anti-drug evangelical preacher.

Dancing with the Devil gives us an exclusive access into the untold stories of Rio’s drug and war directly from the people involved.

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