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Confessions of a Superhero

Confessions of a Superhero tells the untold stories of four costume-clad Hollywood Walk of Fame Stars. First we have Christopher Dennis who wears the costume of Superman. Dennis originally grew up as an orphan in Los Angeles. But in a few interviews he has claimed to be the son of Sandy Dennis, a Tony and Oscar winning actress. When asked by the press though, Sandy Dennis’ family officially released a statement denying the claim.

The film then follows Maxwell Allen, the guy who wears the Batman costume. We get to meet Maxwell behind that mask and discover that he was, or at least he claims to be, a former mobster with a past full of murders and crimes. Though his claim begins to appear questionable when his own wife begins to express her doubt to his story.

We then are taken to the life of Jennifer Wenger, donning the garb of Wonder Woman. Before her Superhero days, she was actually a cheerleader until she decided to live the dream and go to Hollywood to pursue acting. And finally, we look into Joseph McQueen a.k.a. The Hulk and see what he is behind the green rage monster. Among the four, he actually is the most successful; having won a small role in a movie directed by Justin Lin entitled the Finishing Game.

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