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Cocaine Cowboys

The most famous gangsters in the world are commonly involved in two things – violence and drugs. Most of these criminals have engaged in the illegal drugs industry to earn huge sums of money. And sometimes, they need to use some muscle in order to gain the upper hand.

“Cocaine Cowboys” is a 2006 documentary directed by Billy Corben. The film starts at Miami, Florida, the city had strong ties to drug trading since the 70s. To this day, violence and deaths rooted in drug trade is rampant throughout the city. The film goes deep into the drug cartels of the city, walking viewers through typical trading and smuggling within drug groups.

Cocaine Cowboys features detailed interviews who lived through the Miami Vice era and compelling re-enactments. Mickey Munday and Jon Roberts who successfully transported over two billion dollars worth of cocaine from Colombia are just two of the most prominent characters who were interviewed in the documentary. Viewers will notice how enthusiastic they are about telling their stories to a point where they even seem to be proud of what they have done.

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