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Capoeira: The Art and Soul of Brazil

Capoeira is a form of Brazilian martial arts that incorporates elements of acrobatics, music and dance. With its origin taking root from Brazil’s African descendants, it involves a lot of swift and complex moves. It mainly utilizes speed, power and leverage for a lot of its spins, kicks and other highly mobile techniques. This Brazilian martial art is basically used as a form of self-defense since it makes use of many low moves and sweeps. Capoeira can also be played as a game. When doing so, the players incorporate the high, acrobatic moves instead of the low ones. There will be plenty of demonstrations of its acrobatic side, with the cartwheels and the flips.

Capoeira: The Art and Soul of Brazil is a short documentary that features this Brazilian martial art form. Created by Travis Manning, this video features the Capoeira Guerreiros of Orlando Academy.

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