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AFOL A Blocumentary

Lego is arguably the most popular brand of construction toy available in the market. These interlocking plastic bricks originated from Denmark in 1949 and until now, are loved by adults and kids alike. Today, Lego is no longer limited to toy bricks, as the toy company introduced an all new range of action figures based on comic characters, cartoons, movie characters and pop culture icons.

Despite the stiff competition, Lego remained a well-loved classic. The brand’s mounting success is subject of a 30-minute documentary film featuring Lego’s most avid fans, expert builders and hobbyists who collect and build incredible structures using the iconic stackable bricks. The film, hosted by Jess Gibson, introduces viewers to a special group of people who have remained dedicated with the brand, proving that Lego is indeed one of the most iconic toys that redefined generations.

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