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Woke Up In A Morgue

Cataplexy is a bodily condition wherein there’s an occurrence of sudden and transient episodes of muscle weakness accompanied by full conscious awareness. This condition is often triggered by sudden bursts of emotion such as terror, crying fits or laughter. Along with Cataplexy, it is considered to be a cardinal symptom for narcolepsy, a chronic neurological disorder wherein the affected person’s brain is unable to regulate a normal sleep-wake cycle.

The known cause for Cataplexy is the autoimmune destruction of hypocretin. Hypocretin is a neurotransmitter that regulates a person’s wakefulness. Cataplectic attacks usually take place between 10am and 9pm, in a 24 hour period. There have been very few recorded accounts of attacks that occurred between the hours of 10pm and 9am.

Woke Up In A Morgue is a documentary presentation that features the different stories of people who suffer from Cataplexy. We get to see what its like and how they go on with their day to day activities despite the restrictions and hindrances brought about by their condition.

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