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Winter Viruses and How to Beat Them

For the past decade or so, winters have become harsher, longer. As temperature drops, various diseases have become a cause for concern for many people, particularly health practitioners. One such viruses, the Norovirus, is highly contagious causing vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach cramps. Several hospitals had to be quarantined and as millions of affected people were admitted to them. Other viruses have caused colds, flu and other stomach problems.

In this 1-hour long documentary, “Winter Viruses and How to Beat Them”, Professor Alice Roberts and Dr. Michael Mosley try to find the cause and cure for these viruses. They have performed extensive research in a pop-up studio to uncover how the winter season has contributed to the increase of these harmful viruses. Other virologists have also shared their time and effort to contribute in their research.

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