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When Food Kills

Food allergy of all kinds have become so common, it is now considered as a serious health issue. In fact, the cases of death due to food allergies among children have constantly increased for the past two decades.

“When Food kills” is an eye-opening documentary that aims to educate viewers about the precautions that may be taken to reduce the number of deaths due to allergies. It features one case where Sophia Neou was going through a simple day in her life. She suddenly receives a call from a play camp teacher that her son turned blue and stopped breathing. Had the paramedics arrived 30 seconds later, her son would have died.

Unfortunately, some cases do not turn out so well. One family that was featured lost a 15-year old boy named Johnny Whitburn when he accidentally consumed rice that had satay sauce. Even the smallest amount of peanut on the sauce was able to trigger the allergic reaction that killed the boy.

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