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Way Beyond Weight

Obesity is a serious medical condition that is characterized by the accumulation of excess body fat wherein it reaches a point wherein it is causes negative effects on one’s health. It has serious effects on one’s health such as reducing one’s life expectancy and the increased likelihood of diseases (including types of cancer, osteoarthritis, heart disease, and type II diabetes).

This disease is generally caused by a deadly and common combination of excessive food intake and a subsequent lack in physical activity and exercise. Although there are a few cases of diabetes that are said to be caused by genetics, psychiatric illness or other underlying medical conditions. But for the majority of the patients who are obese, the most common causative factor is their poor lifestyle choice.

Nowadays, it has been an alarming fact that obesity no longer affects adults. Today, there are thousands of children from all over the world who are becoming obese. Why are they becoming unhealthy at such a young age? Who’s to be blame in this?

Way Beyond Weight is an eye-opening documentary about the shocking facts of child obesity. With interviews from patients, their families and various experts we get to have a closer look into this outrageous epidemic.

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