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War on Health

Gary Null is a known American author and talk radio host. He is a strong advocate of naturopathy and making use of alternative medicine to cure and prevent diseases. Aside from being an author, he has also self-produced a few movies wherein he criticizes various issues surrounding the medical community. He also produces films wherein he promotes a number of alternative treatments for cancer and dietary supplements.

War on Health is one of Null’s self-produced documentaries. In the film, we get to follow Null as he explores the stand of the FDA and the reality of its role in the current medical paradigm and health crisis. The film generally aims to look for the truth behind the substantial statistical evidence regarding the thousands of injuries and deaths caused by conventional medicine which were allegedly neglected by the FDA.

With the FDA currently making efforts to remove all of the important supplements, herbs and food from the market, a lot of people are starting to see the brokenness of the American medical system and this film is only the beginning.

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