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Vaccine Nation (2008)

“Vaccine Nation” is a 2008 documentary film that questions the safety of vaccination. The film is directed by award winning filmmaker Gary Null, the same genius who brought us “AIDS, Inc.”, “The Drugging of Our Children”, and “War Syndrome: Killing Our Own”. Just in the United States, 36 types of mandatory vaccines are given to each child. Unfortunately, these vaccine injections contain toxic compounds including formaldehyde, heavy metals, aluminum, and other neurotoxins.

Parents consider vaccines pre-emotive measures to keep children safe. This misconception has been instilled in the minds of the public because of how government authorities and pharmaceutical companies are promoting vaccines. What people do not realize is that the true agenda for vaccines is profit. This film suggests that vaccination leads to various diseases, autoimmune deficiencies, allergies, and other developmental learning and behavioral disorders like autism.

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