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Think Beyond Surgery

Everyday there is at least ten people in the world who suffer from a heart attack. And every day at least one person doesn’t make it. With the advent of fast food, junk food and all those unhealthy food items that we just can’t resist, there is a consequent increase in the number of diseases that we incur. Among these, and also one of the most deadly, are diseases of the heart.

Heart attacks can happen anytime, anywhere. And what’s more scary about it is the fact that there are those people who have heart attacks who weren’t even aware that they have a heart condition in the first place. There is this thing that the medical field calls an underlying heart condition. So your heart doesn’t need to be completely damaged and worn out for it to be susceptible to an attack. Even those young and seemingly healthy hearts aren’t exempted.

Think Beyond Surgery is an eye-opening documentary about the importance of staying healthy. In this film we all get to truly understand the gravity of the saying “Prevention is better than Cure”.

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