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Modern media has a big influence on our perception of beauty. Most celebrities and models follow a strict diet and exercise in order to slim down and maintain a svelte figure. While celebrities have the means to hire some of the biggest names in fitness training to sculpt their bodies, the seemingly impossible standards of Hollywood as far as weight is concerned is slowly warping the perception of the public. Teenagers and young adults go through incredible lengths to achieve a skinnier frame. As a result, eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia is in its all time high.

“Thin” is a controversial documentary that takes viewers to one of the most popular facility that specializes in treating people with eating disorders. The film, which is Greenfield’s directorial debut and was produced by R.J. Cutler, was distributed by HBO in 2006. Thin features the struggles of four women who are getting treatment in The Renfrew Center for eating disorders.

Director of photography Amanda Micheli accompanied Greenfield when they lived in Renfrew for six months in order to study how their tenants lived. Because they were given unrestricted access to the facility, they gathered detailed footage including therapy sessions, regular weight checking, and mealtimes.

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