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The Truth About Looking Young

If there’s one thing that everyone wants to be – that’s ageless. Somehow, the vast majority of society thinks that to only way for one to stay beautiful is if you stay young. And there are thousands of people, both male and female, who are willing to do whatever it takes to stay young. This lust for beauty and youth has given birth to a million-dollar industry – plastic surgery.

But then, with the advancement of medical and scientific research, experts have been ceaselessly studying other alternatives to stay youthful, without having to resort to plastic surgery.

The Truth About Looking Young is a documentary film that looks into the many scientific breakthroughs that may change the face of medicine and cosmetics. This film features interviews with various scientists and medical practitioners in order to get a better glimpse of this world. We get to talk to Dr. Rozina Ali, a renowned plastic surgeon, as she takes us with her as she discovers the many other alternatives to staying and looking young.

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