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The Other Side of AIDS

HIV/AIDS have claimed the lives of millions since it was initially discovered. Unfortunately, despute all the time, money and effort spent finding a cure, decades have passed and progressive developments in finding a cure have become inconclusive.

In “The Other Side of Aids”, viewers will see the various groups consisting of doctors, journalists, and HIV victims and their battle against AIDS. Written and directed by Robin Scovill, the film was first released in 2004 focusing on the argument that HIV is not the cause of AIDS.

Billions of dollars have been funded to researches around the globe and yet to this day, scientists have yet to fully isolate the origins of the disease. In The Other Side of Aids, the film highlights how some people who were diagnosed with AIDS lacked the HIV virus. To make matters worse, more people are dying from the new AIDS medications rather than the disease itself. The film gives an insightful take on how AIDS have affected millions and how you can keep yourself and your family safe from the disease.

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