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The Most Eye-Opening Six Minutes of Film Ever

This very short but highly informative video aims to spread about the increasing demand for products that are largely unsustainable. The Most Eye-Opening Six Minutes of Film Ever basically gives a jarring overview of man’s greed, gluttony and carelessness. It uses no words, no dialogues or narratives, but it shows telling images of how people take the food they eat for granted.

The video begins by showing animals that are the main source of food like chickens, pigs, and cows. It then transitions to how each of their products like milk and eggs are taken from them to sell to the consumers. Footage of how people take all their parts for consumption is also shown and how they are taken to groceries and restaurants for people to buy.

The final part of the video shows how people eat too much and become morbidly obese though unhealthy diet. In the end, viewers are left to contemplate on their decisions about eating right and whether we should be concerned about losing food in the near future.

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