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The Marketing of Madness

The Marketing of Madness is a documentary film that seeks to elucidate the quasi-secretive world of the psychiatric drug industry, where there has been evidence to suggest that a mutual relationship exists between psychiatric service providers and drug-production companies. Aimed towards maximizing profit and revenue, the evidence details that very professional partnership that exists between the two parties has generated over a staggering $80 billion worth in products and services. This goes to show that looks can be misleading. What is the assurance that the psychiatric professionals are giving the correct diagnoses? What is the assurance the drugs are safe and effective?

This documentary seeks to unveil the lies and deceit behind the illusory façade of truth carefully hidden from plain sight by clever marketing strategies aimed only to benefit the firms, and bearing little to no concern for the consumers. Furthermore, this film seeks to divulge the truth about the drugs used in treatments wherein they actually cause more harm than good as far as the stability of the patient is concerned be it through inducing aggression or depression or by accentuating the addictive properties of cocaine.

The documentary is attempt to uncover the true madness in the world of medical care, by exposing the greedy agenda of corporate top brass, while serving as a heads-up for the truly compassionate health care professional.

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