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The Man Who Lost His Body

“The Man Who Lost His Body” is a documentary first televised by BBC in 1998. The film tells the amazing story of how an ordinary butcher overcame an extraordinary disease.

The film tells the story of Ian Waterman, a Jersey native who was diagnosed with a rare nervous system disease that killed all his sensory nerves. The disease affected the proper transmission of information from the brain to the muscles and joints causing him to be practically paralyzed as well as led him to lose his sense of touch.

Doctors declared that he would spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. But with the help of physiotherapists, Ian was able to control his movement by looking at the specific limb he wanted to control.

At first Ian thought he was suffering from gastric flu but eventually he the ability to move and feel his body. The Man Who Lost His Body details Ian’s miraculous recovery from a extremely rare and mystifying disease.

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