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The Last Lions of India

BBC has been producing quality TV shows and documentaries for decades now. And not only are they highly informative and educational, but they are also very fun and entertaining to watch. One of BBC’s longest running television series is entitled Natural World. This award-winning TV documentary features various topics about nature. It takes us all around the world to witness and learn more about the beauty of Mother Earth.

This particular episode takes us all the way to India. Here we get the opportunity to meet, observe and learn more about one of the animal kingdom’s rarities – the Asiatic lion. These lions are nothing like the African lions that we are all so accustomed to seeing in movies, zoos or animal shelters. The Asiatic lions are completely different from the African lion in terms of both behaviour and appearance. These lions are originally refugees from Gujarat, where they inhabited the Gir forest. After a century of thriving, their numbers have not only doubled. According to historical findings, from an original number of 20 they grew to 300. They now continue to spread out to reclaim old territories that they’ve once lost.

The Last Lions of India hosted by BBC’s Dilly Barlow will take us into an informative and exciting journey into the Indian forests wherein we get to witness a story of survival and a conservation of a species unfold.

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