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The Drugging of Our Children

“The Drugging of Our Children” is a compelling 2005 documentary made by health advocate and filmmaker Gary Null. The film aims to expose the truth about being diagnosed with ADD or ADHD and the negative effects of the drugs forced on the children.

The fact is, there are still no concrete methods to know whether a person has ADD or ADHD. This is why doctors merely rely on the observations made by parents, teachers, and guardians on the children without even considering external factors such as nutrition and environment. Once a child is diagnosed to have any of these psychological disorders, psychiatrists prescribe medicines such as Prozac and Ritalin.

Unfortunately, Prozac and Ritalin causes serious side-effects ranging from lack of sleep and appetite, intense headaches, increased psychiatric problems. Continuous exposure to these drugs could potentially lead to cardiac arrest. Despite the risks, many educational institutions are forced to ask the children’s parents to drug their kids once diagnosed with ADD or ADHD otherwise, the students will not be only expelled but also taken away from their home, ending up in social welfare centers.

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