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The Boy With The Incredible Brain

“The Boy with the Incredible Brain” is a fascinating story about one of the most amazing savants in the world, Daniel Tammet. Not only is Daniel able to learn a foreign language within a week, he is also capable of doing calculations in his head up to 100 decimal points. This film documents how Daniel went to the US so that experts can study his extraordinary mind and unlock its mystery.

As a baby, Daniel would often cry loudly and bang his head against the wall. His mother took him to the doctor where his physician believed the problem was Daniel’s mind lacked mental stimulation.

When he was 4, Daniel suffered a series of epileptic seizures causing his brain chemistry to change and giving him synaesthesia, a rare mental disorder. This allowed Daniel to do math in his head at incredible speed and complexity. To Daniel, math is more than just numbers; he sees numbers as beautiful objects.

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