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The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes

“The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes” is an extraordinary documentary about an American teenager named Ben Underwood, who can “see” despite losing his eyes as a toddler. When he was three years old, Ben was diagnosed with retinal cancer and lost his eyes during treatment. Not only did Ben beat cancer, he can also ride his skateboard, play basketball, and avoid bumping into other people or objects without the assistance of other people.

The film details how Ben was able to develop an ingenious way to help him complete his daily tasks without depending on others. By clicking his tongue, Ben was able to tell if an object is near or far through the echo that bounces off objects and right back to him. This method is similar to the echolocation technique used by dolphins or bats to see their surroundings. In order to learn more about Ben and his ability, his family took him to the University of California where scientists conducted tests and simply marveled at Ben’s unique ability “to see.”

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