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The Beautiful Truth

The Beautiful Truth follows the story of 15-year old Alaskan boy, Garrett, who, as a result of living and growing up in the wilderness (in a wildlife reserve) with a plethora of bereaved animals, has attained a natural inclination and understanding to the quintessential nutritional requirements of the delicate animals in the manmade sanctuary. All seem steadily going well for the boy until the sudden death of his mother. The despair-inducing event struck Garrett hard, causing much disturbance to his psychological standing and academic performance. With his grades faltering in school, his father arrived at the decision to home-school Garret, with his very first “homework” being a certain Dr. Max Gerson’s controversial book.

The controversy surrounding the book stemmed from the topic it chose to tackle, cancer. It suggested that the much sought-after cure for cancer already exists – through diet. Of course this was subject to much criticism by the scientific community; but, instead of discouraging Garrett, it did the very opposite. Soliciting the aid of many members of Alaska, including Charlotte Gerson (daughter of Dr. Gerson), Howard Straus (grandson of Dr. Gerson), and some neighbours, Garrett took it as a challenge to further research on the potential revolutionary treatment regimen.

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