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Syble Hopp: A Documentary

Syble Hopp is a touching documentary about the woman behind one of the most popular special needs school in the country, Syble Hopp School programming for disabled children.

It was in 1954 when Syble Hopp, an educator, approached Joe Donovan one day looking for a kindergarten job. But all openings have been filled, Joe Donovan gave her something even better, a task to develop a program for special needs students which at that time, was virtually unheard of. But Ms. Hopps didn’t just rose up to the challenge, together with Joe Donovan, they made history. Syble literally went door to door, asking parents to let her teach their kids with special needs and this was the early start of her namesake school.

From a simple program came the Syble Hopp School Programming for disabled children. The school delivers services and educational setting for students with cognitive and other developmental disabilities between the age of 3 to 21 years old. Today, the school has given self-confidence to students with special needs, encouraging them to become a contributing member of the community and become successful on their own. Syble Hopp didn’t just become a local hero, she also became one of the most loved educators in the country.

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