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Super Size Me

Obesity has spread out like wildfire across the U.S. society. It has already affected a great number of people all over America, with its numbers increasing every day.

Super Size Me is a documentary by Morgan Spurlock, which attempts to investigate into the widespread of obesity in American society. He conducts a little experiment wherein he would eat nothing but McDonald’s fast food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the duration of 30 days. During that period, he would also omit any form of exercise in his daily routine.

Throughout the film, we get to see the unbelievable effects of this change in lifestyle. Consuming an average of 5,000 calories per day, his body and health status changed drastically throughout the period of his experiment.

Receiving a nomination for an academy award and gaining critical acclaim, Super Size Me is a must-see documentary not only for Americans, but for people all over the world.

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