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Sex, Death And The Gods

“Sex, Death, and the Gods” is a BBC documentary that was written and directed by respected filmmaker Beeban Kidron. The film tells the story of the Devadasi and their tumultuous live story. The Devadasi are young Indian girls who are part of the caste group known as the “untouchables”. These girls do not have the privilege of choosing who they will marry as they are dedicate to a deity or temple.

The concept of marrying off a daughter so early in her life may seem like a strange tradition to most people but this is a fairly common practice in their culture.This practice is similar to becoming a nun but the difference is that these girls to not remain chaste and celibate because they are made to sell their bodies for the sake of religion.

The Indian government has declared the Devadasi practice illegal since 1988. Nevertheless, this religious prostitution continues to this day. This film takes the viewers deep into Karnataka of South India where young girls are married off to much older men as part of their custom.

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