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Seeds of Death

Seeds of Death: The Unveiling the Lies of GMOs is a 2012 documentary that uncovers the hidden dangers behind genetically modified food items. The film, which was written and directed by award-winning documentary film director, Gary Null and Richard Polonetsky exposes the web of lies and deceits that threatens humankind, the very food that we eat every day.

Seeds of Death: The Unveiling the Lies of GMOs reveals how GMOs affect sustainable agriculture and our own ability to meet global food demands. In the film, GMOs are said to be created on baseless science made possible through political maneuvering with complete disregard for human health and safety. Countless of research and studies confirm the dangers of GMOs to humans and animals and consuming genetically modified food items could cause an epic rise in human diseases.

Apart from the health risks, producing GMOs generate a large environmental greenhouse gas footprint, as opposed to organic farming processes. GMOs require using copious amounts of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides as well as greater water resources. Seeds of Death: The Unveiling the Lies of GMOs gives viewers a grim look at how GMOs devastate the environment and its dangers to our own health.

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