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Secrets of The Tobacco Industry

As the sun rises over the beautiful country of Indonesia, it creeps slowly above the horizon, the greenery, over the young kids who are up and about, and then over a thick layer of smoke? It’s a fear for any sensible parent to have their children surrounded by smoke, but it’s an absolute health nightmare to see them smoking. At least, that’s what they ought to be feeling. Unfortunately, this is not the case in Jakarta, Indonesia because Big Tobacco’s got almost everyone convinced that 1) smoking doesn’t cause health problems, and 2) that their advertising isn’t targeting the youth in any way. But if you see the coverage from Vanguard’s documentary unveiling the secrets of the tobacco industry, you would be shocked. Christof Putzel, Vanguard’s correspondent to Indonesia, recounts a Youtube video that went viral back in 2010 as he visits the main feature of the unforgettable clip – a 2-year-old baby smoking cigarettes like a pro. And what a horror it was to witness seeing such symbolism to depict the state of the country. The problem is that too few are aware and too few are fighting to raise awareness and trump the government’s denial of a looming health crisis on their hands.

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